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Telecom survey technician

Bannière – MAC- Monteur filaire

Job description

The Telecom survey technician conducts vertical and horizontal surveys to prepare the profile of poles. He observes and communicates field anomalies to designers and draftsmen from UDS information grid. He will be required to meet the requirements of the Common Standard for the Design, Installation and Verification of Aerial Structures while surveying.

Work schedule

  • Monday to Friday daytime schedule
  • 40 hours per week


  • Survey and complete, on a tablet or paper, the horizontal surveys of the telecom structures as well as the buildings of potential customers.
  • Conduct surveys and complete UDS grids.
  • Apply the different concepts of the external network according to the technical specifications, the rules of the ACNOR and the rules of the industry.
  • Communicate detected anomalies to his immediate supervisor.
  • Participate in the updating of the technical specifications.
  • Ensure that its measurement tools are accurate (calibrated).
  • Collaborate to maintain cohesion with all departments in the organization.
  • Concern, encourage and contribute to prevention efforts for a healthy, safe, respectful and continuously improving work environment.
  • Performs all other reasonable and related duties normally performed by a person in the same position and within the skills, competencies and ability of a Telecom survey technician.

Hiring requirements

  • Valid class 5 driver's license.
  • Capacité de travailler avec du matériel informatique.
  • Puisque le travail s’effectue régulièrement sur la route, être disposé à voyager et être à l’extérieur de la région de son domicile du lundi au vendredi.

Mise à jour le 2022-11-15