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Job description

TheDrafter processes raw information and concepts from client requests to prepare engineering models and drawings from sketches, preliminary concepts, specifications or other data provided by engineers. Operates design and computer aided drafting (CAD) workstations in AUTOCAD and DWG formats. He/she analyzes and completes statements and makes the necessary corrections, as well as communicates any anomalies detected to those in charge.

Work schedule

  • Monday to Friday daytime schedule
  • 37,5 hours per week


  • Analyze the documents received to identify the work to be done.
  • Perform additional survey requests as necessary.
  • Prepare drawings for subcontracting.
  • Validate the work done by subcontractors.
  • Plan the validated funds.
  • Check the layout and corrections (80%).
  • Add SIMPAS notes on the drawing (100%).
  • Have the plans approved by the project managers involved and/or the client.
  • Issue plans for permit applications.
  • Complete (if required) preparatory work lists.
  • Mettre à jour les fichiers : suivis des dessins, tableau de progressions des lots de travail pour la facturation, etc.
  • Issue plans for constructions.
  • Collaborate to maintain cohesion with all departments in the organization.
  • Concern, encourage and contribute to prevention efforts for a healthy, safe, respectful and continuously improving work environment.
  • Performs all other reasonable and related duties normally performed by a person in the same position and within the skills, competencies and ability of a Drafter.

Hiring requirements

  • Mastery of Autocad software.

Mise à jour le 2023-03-23