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Programme de référencement
des nouveaux talents (PRNT)

The Groupe Madysta distinguishes itself in the telecommunications field by its values in terms of quality, health and safety in the workplace, but also by the family spirit that is found there. Being in an environment where it is sometimes difficult to recruit new talents, we believe that our employees can be the best to support the recruitment and make our organization known.

The purpose of the New Talent Referral Program (PRNT) is to encourage, recognize and thank current employees who contribute to the recruitment and retention of new talent that can fill key positions within the Groupe Madysta companies.

The PRNT is open to all employees of the various companies of the Groupe Madysta who hold a permanent, full-time or part-time position. Employees in management positions are not eligible for the PRNT.

PRNT applies only to posted positions that are specifically designated by the program logo.


Lorsqu’un employé souhaite référer un candidat, il devient un « référent ». Pour qu’une référence soit admise, le référent doit compléter le PRNT referral form and submit it to the Human Resources Department. No other form of referral is accepted.

The candidate who has been referred must attest to the name of their referrer:

      • When sending his resume; or,
      • Upon of his hiring.

A referrer may not avail himself of the provisions of the PRNT if any of the following conditions apply:

      • The candidate is already employed by Groupe Madysta;
      • The applicant has been referred by an employment agency; and,
      • The candidate has worked for Groupe Madysta in the twelve (12) months preceding the hiring or the referral.

In order for a candidate to be successful, they must meet the requirements of the position and successfully complete the recruitment and hiring process.

In order to meet confidentiality requirements, no comments will be provided to the referrer regarding the processing of the referred application and/or the reasons why the applicant was not selected.

Any recruitment activity on behalf of the Groupe Madysta, whether through newspapers, social networks or any other recruitment activities or tools, is the strict responsibility of Groupe Madysta and must be done by an authorized person.

Referrals draw

All eligible referrals allow the referrer to accumulate "referral points". An eligible referral earns one (1) point. These points are give to referrers regardless of whether or not the referred candidates were hiring. One (1) point entitles the referrer to one (1) entry in the next referral draw.

Le tirage des référents a lieu tous les trois (3) mois. C’est le service des ressources humaines qui détermine les trimestres ainsi que les prix associés qui auront une valeur se situant entre 200$ et 250$. Pour être admissible, le référent doit être à l’emploi du Groupe Madysta au moment du tirage.

Referral Bonus

Regardless of the results of the referral draws, an eligible and successful referral qualifies the referrer for access to "referral bonuses" (less applicable statutory deductions) under the following conditions:

      • The referrer must be employed by Groupe Madysta at the time the award is made;
      • An amount of $250 will be eligible for the referrer if the referred candidate completes six (6) months of continuous service;
      • An additional $250 will be eligible for the referrer if the referred candidate completes one (1) year of continuous service; and
      • The payment of the bonuses will be made within a maximum of one month of eligibility.

Additional information

At any time, employees may contact the Human Resources department with any questions regarding the PRNT.

The Groupe Madysta reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to modify, abolish or suspend the PRNT or any of its provisions.