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Job description

The welder will be required to read and interpret the various blueprints and specifications they are given to perform the necessary welding and assembly to accomplish projects. 

The position requires a good knowledge of blueprint reading to perform the work required. In addition, the employee must have skills in different welding methods. The welder must be comfortable working with different tools to complete projects and enjoy working in a team environment.

Work schedule

  • Monday to Friday daytime schedule
  • 40 hours per week


  • Read and interpret drawings or technical welding specifications.
  • Use manual or semi-automatic devices.
  • Operate manual or semi-automatic flame cutters and digital plasma cutting machines.
  • Use welding equipment.
  • Operate metal forming machines, such as hydraulic presses and digital presses and shears.
  • Use an overhead crane or forklift.
  • Use a hydraulic punching machine.
  • Collaborate to maintain cohesion with all departments in the organization.
  • Concern, encourage and contribute to prevention efforts for a healthy, safe, respectful and continuously improving work environment.
  • Performs all other reasonable and related duties normally performed by a person in the same position and within the skills, competencies and ability of a maneuver.

Hiring requirements

  • Certification of the General Health and Safety on Construction Sites course (ASP-Construction)

Mise à jour le 2023-05-13