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Foreman (team leader)
telecom fitter


Job description

The Foreman (team leader) - telecom fitter consists in management and supervision of a telecom fitters team. The telecom fitters team is mandated to install equipment (radios, lines, antennas, optical fiber, ...) and mobile telecom structures (cellular telephony). This work can be done in towers, on roofs and in industrial or commercial buildings. The job requires working outdoors and traveling throughout Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes).

The Foreman (team leader) - telecom fitter is, among other things, responsible for the execution of the work entrusted to his team (schedule, quality, cleanliness, ...). He is responsible for the vehicle, tools, equipment and materials available to his team. He must ensure that tasks are coordinated and distributed efficiently to the members of his team and that occupational health and safety rules are understood and respected.

We are currently looking for candidates with experience in different regions such as MONTREAL (north shore, south shore), MAURICIE, QUEBEC, etc. to fill available positions.

General skills

The candidate must have significant work experience as a Telecom Fitter or as a Foreman (team leader) - telecom fitter and must have the required skills to read and interpret blueprints.

The candidate must be comfortable to working at heights in order to perform vertical and horizontal movements and be suspended in the air. In addition, the telecom sites cover all of Eastern Canada, so the candidate must be mobile and able to leave Monday to Friday (possibility of 10 days) to do the work.

Hiring requirements

  • Class 5 driver's license
  • Certification of the General Health and Safety on Construction Sites course (ASP-Construction)

Mise à jour le 2022-11-15