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Divem Électrique

Founded in 2012, Divem Electrique enables the Groupe Madysta to offer complete and highly advanced electrical work services.

Today, Divem Electrique has extensive expertise in the telecommunications field in addition to the commercial and industrial fields.

Our services

Commercial and industrial fields

  • Making connection requests to the local authorities
  • Power lines installation
  • Connection work to the main switch
  • Lighting fixtures repair and replacement
  • Power line sections repair
  • Generator circuits electrical equipment repair
  • Emergency service (generator)
  • Entretien de systèmes électriques d’alimentation incluant :
    • Chargers/batteries
    • Plant equipment
    • Industrial buildings
    • Refineries
    • Primary metals
    • Seaports


  • Cellular towers connection
  • Inbuildings cellular distribution
  • Telecom shelter
  • Special events temporary connection
  • Electrical networks maintenance